Cómo integrar Telegram a un sitio web HTML

How to integrate Telegram to an HTML website

Telegram HTML code for your website

When it comes to customer communication, the first rule is to identify and use the messaging channel or channels preferred by your audience. With a Telegram website button, your Telegram contacts will be able to contact you directly from your website at any time.

You have to create an HTML link that will open the application Telegram and will start a conversation with the account you entered. You just have to replace “Your user” by your username.

<a href="https://t.me/Tu_Usuario" target="_blank">Send us a Telegram message</a>

Alternative plugins to integrate Telegram into your WordPress website

There are alternative solutions that give you easy options to integrate chat with your WordPress website:

1) https://wordpress.org/plugins/chaty/
2) https://whatshelp.io/widget