Firefox cumple 10 años y lo celebra con una nueva version del navegador

Firefox turns 10 and celebrates it with a new version of the browser

The Mozilla Foundation celebrated the ten years of life of the Firefox browser, born in 2004 as the evolution of Firebird, the browser that took the role of Netscape Navigator as an alternative to Internet Explorer (Google's Chrome only arrived in 2008).

As part of the festivities, it released version 33.1 of the browser, adding several privacy-related features. One is the buttonForget", for those who want to delete part of their browsing history, but -for whatever reason- didn't use Private mode. The history of the last 5 minutes, the previous two hours and the last 24 hours can be deleted. And it's a nice feature for shared equipment.

It is also possible to define DuckDuckGo as a seeker; DuckDuckGo's appeal is that it doesn't keep track of each visitor's searches.

And the tiled view, with thumbnails of frequently or recently visited sites, adds an "enhanced" view with higher quality for images assigned to each page.