Cómo integrar Facebook Messenger en tu Web HTML

How to integrate Facebook Messenger into your HTML website

In this tutorial I will explain in a simple step how embed facebook messenger  on your website. When someone presses the "send message" button, the corresponding application will open directly to start chatting with you.

What you have to do is replace "User" by your user name in the following code. If you don't have a username, you can use your numeric Facebook ID instead, but I recommend creating a custom one by following this link.

/* Context... */
<a href="https://m.me/User">Send Message/* With Image... */ <a href="https://m.me/User"> /* With FontAwesome Icon: https://fontawesome.com/ */ <a href="https://m.me/User">

NOTE: If you don't see messages sent to you on your profile, it's because Facebook automatically hides messages from people who aren't on your contact list. you will have to go to Messages > More > Filtered to be able to see them.