¿Cómo es trabajar de un diseñador web?

What is it like to work as a web designer?

Making an eye-catching web design and organizing blocks of information is only part of the designer's job. On a daily basis, he is faced with the challenge of effectively managing his professional career. It is not only about website design but also about running and building a successful business.

Being successful requires combining many characteristics. Some of them you might already have, and some you might be neglecting. These are the things that don't come quickly from reading books or sitting in a classroom; Rather, many of these are skills that take a lot of time and work to cultivate.

The following tips will help you become a 'web design rockstar':

1) Know how to sell. Our world is very small, and from a web designer's point of view, it's like a jungle. In order to stand out among others it is necessary for people to know about you and your skills. There are several methods of doing it. Word of mouth marketing, social media marketing, and even business card marketing can work well. However, if you prefer to sit in your chair and wait until the customers come themselves, then you are doomed.

2) The web designer, whether self-employed or salaried, must have intuition in business when starting any project. Design is all about selling, evaluating value, and balancing costs. A successful web designer not only knows how to design websites for his clients, but also manages to create business solutions for companies. If you are good at understanding the marketing needs of a business and can get into the minds of potential users, you will certainly have an advantage over your competitors.

3) You have to research and plan well before launching the web design process. Planning can be divided into three parts:

Investigate about the client's company

Ask the customer what they want and expect from the web.

Research what your competitors are doing and trends related to the industry.

Although planning tends to be a dull process (and many designers are willing to skip it), planning a project saves your time, money, and resources.

4) Effective communication it is especially important in the area of web design where communication with a client, developer or art director influences the success of your project. It's understandable that creative people are not talkative by nature; However, when it comes to presenting yourself and selling your work, you have to be logical and clear in your communication with the client. That's why you need to know how to communicate and communicate well in order to survive and succeed.

5) Sometimes the experience it is valued even more than your qualifications and skills. Whether it's your employer or your potential client, everyone is interested in knowing how much previous experience you have, what companies you've worked for, and what projects you've worked on. In addition, having a good experience in the area will help you quickly find the design solutions that are presented in the meetings.

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