Microsoft transforma la plataforma .NET en Open Source, que llegará a GNU/Linux y OS X

Microsoft transforms the .NET platform into Open Source, which will reach GNU/Linux and OS X

Microsoft has just dropped one of the biggest technological bombshells of the year, turning its famous and widespread programming platform, .NET, Open Source, thus opening it up to GNU/Linux and OS X. Yes, you are reading correctly, Microsoft .NET will officially arrive to GNU/Linux. The parts of .Net that will become Open Source will be the server stack, ASP.NET, the .NET compiler, the .NET Core Runtime, as well as the Framework and libraries.

The .NET Core is already published in its own repository GitHub, where the Pull Requests that any developer can send are accepted, according to the rules defined in the repository itself.

This is how you join the project GitHub .NET Home, where open source pieces of the framework have been uploaded as ASP.NET 5, EntityFramework, .NET Core 5, or .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslin"); and the entire growing family of projects comprised in .NET Foundation Projects.

Even for the most reticent anti-Microsoft, the company has published a Proprietary Promise that protects the entire framework from any proprietary rights claims by the Company for years.

What's more, Somasegar has written on his blog that they continue to work on publishing more parts of the framework under an Open Source license, announcing that in the coming months the rest of the .NET Core and Runtime will be included.

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