Firefox para desarrolladores web

Firefox for web developers

Among the surprises for the tenth anniversary, the team of the ¿zorro? “Mozilla” has brought to light the highly anticipated Firefox Developer Edition, a version of its traditional browser focused on developers. We were testing and we share our mixed feelings in the first contact with you.

  1. The first thing that catches your eye about Firefox Developer Edition is its dark look, which I suppose will be to get some familiarity with development or design tools (or maybe only they know it). But it is possible to change theme in option "personalize". firefox-dev
  2. Beyond the cosmetic theme, two new plugins that are integrated stand out: WebIDE (an IDE for developing Firefox OS apps on site) Y Valencia, which is the evolution of the Firefox Tools Adapter.
  3. But it also incorporates the classic inspector (just like the one in Firefox normal), the browser command line console, the always useful Responsive Design Mode and a few useful plugins like eyedropper either scratchpad. All easily accessible from a menu on the top bar. mozila-dev2
  4. It doesn't make much sense since everyone we usually have well-optimized browsers for the development of our tasks with the plugins and tools that we like the most and usually use.

To end: I don't see it as a "GOAL" Firefox Developer Edition but it is good that they always remember us. They will also continue to polish things and add improvements and new features.

To download it: