Consejos para tus diseños de etiquetas

Tips for your label designs

Over time, product labels became one of the best-selling printed products in the printing industry. The reason is that many people now choose to do their own trading to earn extra income.

In that way, making your company's products attract customers' attention, as labels are mandatory resources that have to be displayed. So if you who are new to the SME trade and aspire to generate beautiful label designs fantastic and innovative. Here are some great steps for you to design great labels for your producer.

Know your target market

Before producing a product label, first know the target market for your product or business. From age, gender, location, occupation, lifestyle, education, color, to what customers love. In addition, it requires exploring the comparison of your trade with the participants. Therefore, what customers do not love about consumers, competitive advantages, similar products and others.

Choose the size of the label

The label size decision is dependent on the product and the packaging used later. The magnitude of the label is also quite varied and adjusts to the needs of entrepreneurs. Before that, try to reconsider choosing a size that suits your design. This will help if you want a label that covers the entire package, a small, minimalist label, or just half the size of the package.

Specify materials for product labels

If you are sure of the tag size, determine the correct material for your product tag. There are several types of labels to choose from. From transparent labels, waterproof labels, silver stickers, gold stickers, holographic labels, labels made of kraft paper, art cardboard and many more. If you want a more unique label, you can choose a clear label or one that is printed directly on packaging, such as bottles, plastic, and cardboard.

design a template

Before moving on to the design process, define the label template you want. A label template is a must, especially if you choose the label type as a half-cut sticker. You can use a variety of ways for your product labels, such as circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, triangles, donuts and many more. In addition to choosing the shape of the labels, design templates such as product name location, structure, tagline, company name, and warnings (if necessary).

Measurement of the product to be labeled

After making the template, therefore take measurements on the package to be labeled. In other words, to prevent the writing from being cut off and to give it a correct place inside the packaging. Likewise, to avoid that the packaging labels are too wide, small or cut; we suggest adding the design 0.125 inches beyond the outline of the design.

making designs

After everything is in order, you can make the label design. Starting by adding illustrations, graphic resources, using striking typography and appropriate color resources. Keep in mind that when designing the label, avoid using colors that match the content of the product. This causes the label color to not be precisely visible.