Guía de OVACEN sobre herramientas digitales

OVACEN guide on digital tools

Nowadays, time on the internet is very valuable, since as long as we can cover more tasks,
and get rid of tedious jobs, which take up time, we will certainly be able to speed up the
jobs we have in progress.

For this reason, we have a great variety of digital tools, which eliminate those
tasks that would manually take away hours and hours of work, making time go by
drastically reduced, and become quite effective.

Do you know what No Code is? Do you know the world of digital automations? Don't you
worry! Because we will talk to you in detail about each of this concept, in addition to
provide you with a complete guide on digital tools, which will come in handy. Ready?
Let us begin!

What do we mean by No Code?

The No Code, also known as tools "Without code" They refer to the platforms
that allows us to create applications in a visual way, that is to say that what we are observing
on the screen is what we are manufacturing in real time.

These platforms and no code tools allow us to add different functions to
our application, just by dragging and dropping one that interests us. For example, the
platform offers you the possibility to place arrows in your application, then you will only have
to add that function to your application, without doing any kind of extra work, or

Without a doubt, the tools do not code they are made for people, who do not have the
enough knowledge to code, but if to program any function that you need
add to your app.

“Being a programmer means actively thinking about abstract solutions to a problem.
before touching the code or opening your favorite code editor. Programming is creating logic,
coding is translating that logic into code”.

What are Digital Automations?

At present, both large companies, how freelancers need
simplify work
, that is, not wasting time on tasks that simply do not generate a
profit, but rather losses.

This is precisely why different technological tools have been created so that different
jobs and processes are automated, and that the person can dedicate himself to more tasks
important, that only humans can perform.

In summary, digital automations, are a variety of tools and software
that automate different workflow tasks
. It should be noted that many of them do not
is that they automate all the processes of a company or work, in addition to some
They need human interaction to be able to operate normally.

Undoubtedly, this new world is very fascinating, for all those who want to improve their
work performance, whether in a company, work from home, among others. If you want to know
more, we leave you this OVACEN guide on digital tools.

Can I Implement Digital Tools in my Work from Home?

Of course! Surely at this moment you are using some tool, which
simplifies some processes of your work, for example, writers use software that
automate spell checking
, duplicate content, consistency, among others.
This happens with most jobs at home, such as design, programming,
layout, and in general all digital marketing.

Therefore, it is very important that you know these tools, for the effectiveness of your
work Don't you know them? Then do not forget to review the guide, which we left you previously
Until next time!