¿Qué es la Automatización Digital?

What is Digital Automation?

Do you want to increase your work productivity? Then it's time to join the
digital automation Don't you know it? Don't worry! That today we will talk to you about everything
about this topic, and how it can increase your work performance. Ready? Let us begin!

What is Digital Automation?

The digital automationare a variety of methods that automate various tasks inside
of the same process. These are created as software used by companies to
increase productivity, workflow, and the performance of your employees.

In addition to increased productivity in the workflow, there are other benefits as well,
that, without a doubt, act on work performance, such as:

  • Minimization of Operation Costs.
  • Vast Improvement in Customer Service.
  • A better Labor Flow in a Work Team.
  • A better Organization.
  • Data Security Improves Considerably.

Digital Tools to Organize Tasks

To start, we have the digital tools that organize user tasks. These
are very important, since they manage the time of each one, to dedicate it to each process,
according to importance and priority.

Most of these tools certainly include being able to store any kind of
document, it also serves to connect different devices, and have access to any
file, without the need to search for each one individually.

Too, are important for group work, since within them you can
schedule activities
, group work and collective information search. Surely
you will know tools how are you, like the famous Evernote.

Digital Tools for Connect Teams

These types of tools facilitate the connection of different equipment in the same space
of work. This greatly increases the productivity of each team member.
worked. Since, they can review and modify any information in real time.

When they ask us what is the digital automation, we certainly refer to this,
that, through automated technological tools, you can increase the productivity of
processes, which would normally delay a work team facing a project.

Tools like Slack are undoubtedly the main ones on the market, and they are the most
used by companies that need high performance from their work teams.

Digital Tools to Increase Work Performance

One of the problems of a work team, or when we work from home, without a doubt
Some are distractions. A devastating fact is that we lose more than 15% of our
time reviewing non-work related content
, be it social networks,
news etc

For this reason, there are also tools that limit this type of content, that only
allows us to concentrate on the tasks and information related to our work, therefore,
controlling the contents that you can manage and review.

This greatly increases the productivity of any worker, and seeing how his
work performance goes up considerably. On the other hand, these benefits are also
reflect at home, since we have many distractions, which take away hours of work, and therefore
ende money, results and business.

Do you know what digital automation is? Perfect! Remember that you can apply it from
home, and surely you will see all the changes you can make in your work performance
Until next time!