El servidor DNS no responde

DNS server is not responding

The server is a key element to be able to access the Internet, since it translates the names of the addresses you want to access when it does not respond, is complicated or it is not possible to access websites or online services despite having an Internet connection.

One of the possible solutions to this is to try another browser to see if it works correctly in it, which would indicate that the problem would be with the program we were using. Another very common solution is restart the router by turning it off and on to correct possible internal problems and work normally, thus avoiding having to configure them again. Once you have done it you will check if it works well.

Alternatives to Telefónica or Claro DNS servers

We can always use Movistar or Claro DNS, but there are other alternatives that can offer you improvements, such as giving more speed. So if you want to optimize the connection to have a more fluid one in video streaming applications or when playing online, we recommend these alternatives that stand out for being safe and trustworthy.

In case you want to know what options we will have available, here are the best dns servers:

  • Level3 – and
  • IBM Quad9 –
  • Verisign – and
  • Google – and
  • Alternate DNS – and
  • DNS – and
  • UncensoredDNS – and
  • WATCH – and
  • Comodo Secure DNS – and
  • OpenDNS Home – and
  • Hurricane Electric –
  • pointCAT –
  • Neustar – and
  • cloudflare – and
  • Fourth Estate –
  • CleanBrowsing – and
  • UltraDNS –,
  • UltraDNS Family – and