Manera correcta de crear un sitio multi idioma

Correct way to create a multi language site

What is the correct way to create a web page with several languages?

A multilingual web page is one that offers its content in different languages, and directs its users to a specific language.

Serious mistakes made by novice programmers/web designers:

  • in [Spanish]
  • [English]
  • Instant translations through scripts or plugins

Correct way to make a website with more than one language

Use subdomains or folders (English version subdomain) (English version folder) (subdomain version in Spanish) (Spanish version folder)

Use specific domains / (Spanish version) (English version)

Use region-specific URLs

We recommend that you use a URL structure with which you can direct your site, or parts of it, to users in different regions. In the following table you can see the different options:

URL structure options
Country-specific domainexample.dePros:Geo-targeting is clear.Server location doesn't matter.Sites can be easily separated.Cons:Expensive (may have limited availability).Requires more infrastructure.In some cases, requirements to use domain names top level with country code are strict.
Generic top-level subdomainsfrom.example.comPros:Easy to set up.Can use Search Console geo-targeting.Servers can be in different locations.Sites can be easily separated.Cons:The URL may not be enough for users to recognize geo-targeting ( for example, "is" can be a language or a country).
Subdirectories with direct top-level to set up.Can use Search Console geo-targeting.Low maintenance costs (use same host).Cons:URL may not be enough for users to recognize geo-targeting.The server can only be in a single location. It becomes more difficult to separate the sites.
URL recommended.Cons:Targeting by URL is difficult.The URL may not be enough for users to recognize geo-targeting.Cannot use Search Console geo-targeting.

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