Google Earth Pro ahora es completamente gratis

Google Earth Pro is now completely free

The premium version of Google's popular software, Google Earth, is now available on its website for free indefinitely. It represents a change, since a few days ago it charged 400 dollars a year to access it.

“Over the past ten years, professionals, scientists, and hobbyists around the world have used Google Earth Pro for everything from planning excursions to placing solar panels on rooftops. From today, even more people will be able to access it: we have made it free”, announces Stafford Marquardt, product manager, in a company blog.

Among the improvements that the geographic professional program incorporates are the printing of high-definition images, automatic geolocation, access to demographic or traffic data, among others, the creation of HD videos of a trip around the world or taking measurements in 3D of structures.

"If you're planning a new office building or a trip to the mountains, take a look at Google Earth Pro and see how easy it is to visualize your world," encourages Marquardt.

Even so, the Mountain View company continues to offer Google Earth Enterprise, which allows access to a Google Maps programming interface in the cloud. With this application we can generate our own three-dimensional maps, something more than what a user might need, but ideal for business environments. Although it is not consolation for those who paid the 400 dollars, at least Google continues to offer possibilities to business environments.

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