Deshabilitar MySQL Strict Mode

Disable MySQL Strict Mode

It is important that MySQL Strict Mode is disabled for the proper functioning of some systems. In this example, we will detail how to properly edit the MySQL configuration on a server with WHM/cPanel.

Note: To make these changes, you will need user permissions. root of the server on which it is hosted. If you do not have full root permissions, you will need to contact your web host or system administrator to request that this be done.

  1. Go to Terminal which is inside Server Configuration.

2. Once in the session terminal, type the following code to edit the configuration file: nano -w /etc/my.cnf

3. Edit the value sql_mode inside this file and delete any values it has. The result should be the following:

4. Restart the MySQL service. Since we are already logged into WHM, just choose to restart MySQL service from the left column