Las 6 Aplicaciones de Taxi que están Transformando el Transporte en Perú

The 6 Taxi Applications that are Transforming Transportation in Peru

Taxi apps have revolutionized the way people get around cities around the world, and Peru is no exception.

In this country, various applications have gained popularity, offering safe, reliable and accessible services to users. Below are some of the most popular taxi apps in Peru:

  1. Uber: Present in several countries, Uber is one of the most well-known and used private transportation applications in Peru. It offers various categories of trips to suit different needs and budgets, including economy options, trips for larger groups or premium services. The ease of use of its application and the wide availability of drivers are key points of its success.
  2. Cabify: Another application with an international presence that operates in Peru is Cabify. This company is distinguished by its commitment to quality service and sustainability. It offers different categories of trips, including options for companies. Cabify also focuses on safety, providing detailed driver and vehicle information before each trip.
  3. beat: Originally from Greece and with a strong presence in Latin America, Beat is one of the most popular mobility applications in Peru. It is characterized by its friendly interface and by offering competitive rates. Beat allows users to request fast and safe rides in various cities across the country.
  4. InDriver: This app has a unique approach that allows users to negotiate the ride price directly with the drivers. InDriver has become popular in Peru because it empowers users and drivers to agree on a fair price before starting the trip, which can result in significant savings.
  5. Easy Taxi: Although its presence has decreased in some markets, Easy Taxi remains a popular option in Peru. It offers a simple interface for requesting trips and a wide network of drivers, which ensures availability in various parts of the country.
  6. Satellite Taxi: Specifically focused on the Peruvian market, Satelital Taxi is known for its safety and reliability. It offers traditional and executive taxi services, with the possibility of booking trips by phone or through its application.

Are taxi apps have transformed urban mobility in Peru, offering varied options for all tastes and needs.

Competition between them benefits users, who enjoy more efficient, secure services and often at more affordable prices.