Peru Digital Wallet What applications are there?

With the advancement of technologies over time, multiple applications have emerged for Smartphones that make our lives easier. Great apps are developed that help with this and thus remove one of the inconveniences that is using cash. Digital wallets are these applications that make our lives easier and in this article, we will name a list of them. The best digital wallets for Peru.

What are digital wallets and what are they for?

As the name itself indicates, it is about software capable of saving part of our money so that we can use it soon. With these apps we can carry out simple financial operations, make payments for services and others, this without using any entity or cash. The digital wallets They may or may not be backed by a bank and some of them do not require the person to have a bank account.

In other words, we will be able to make any type of simple payments using our phones directly. The problem with this is that the other person, or the business, has this form of payment enabled. If not, it may be possible to use the P2P option and not all merchants trust these apps.

Best digital wallet apps for Peru

Despite what has been said above, there are some digital wallets that are classified as the best in Peru. This takes into account the time it takes to transfer the money from your wallet to another, if it is backed by a bank or a larger entity. It also takes the number of people using it, gives it greater reliability and credibility, and much more. Next, a list is considered to be the best mobile apps out there.


He Bank of Credit of Peru or BCP He has his own wallet called Yape. With this wallet, the user will be able to make the corresponding 100% payments free of commissions, since this is another of the wallets' problems. With Yape, luckily, it is free of commissions, so you will not have to add additional value and you will receive what is sent to you. In addition to this, take into account that this app has the support of the provider bank, the BCP.

One of the great advantages that Yape has, it is not necessary for the user to necessarily have an account in the BCP. It is enough that when you download the application and register, you have your corresponding ID and that your phone is in your name. Here is another of the things that can be done with this digital wallet:

  • When Yape is installed, it scans the contacts of your phone. Based on this, you can detect if any of them also use the app. In this way, you can transfer the money directly with the application.
  • If you want to make the payment to another person with Yape, but you do not have it registered, it can also be done. This is by scanning a QR code, unique for each user, very similar to how applications like Airtm are done.
  • Both to withdraw and load money in your wallet, you can do it with the BCP bank, from an office or ATM.


Tunki is another of those classified as best digital wallets, like the previous case, Tunki is owned by a bank. In this case, the bank in charge of supporting this wallet is Interbank. It basically has the same benefits as the previous case, that is, it is not necessary to be an Interbank customer to open the account. It is enough that the user has his ID and has a Tunki-compatible cell phone and that it is in his name.

In the event that users do have a account at Interbank, it is best to register in Tunki associating their cards. In addition, the entire registration process, with or without a bank account, can be done from the application itself, without having to go to offices. Next, we will name some of the uses available to the app, for the use of its users:

  • For users who have a bank account at Interbank, they can recharge their wallet in different ways. This is through an ATM, Global Net Plus ATMs or from Interbank offices. In case you have registered without being a user of this bank, it is also possible to recharge the card, but only through interbank transfers.
  • If you are an Interbank user, you can withdraw your money through the card you signed up during registration. Using it at points or by ATM, since the wallet will serve as the deposit of funds for it. If you do not have a card affiliate, you can do so through Net Plus ATMs, after a prior verification process.
  • Just like the previous app, you are allowed to pay directly with the app without having to withdraw the money first. This through QR code scanning or direct transfer if your contacts also use Tunki.


The third place of best digital wallet apps in peru, BIM takes it. The great advantage of this app is that the user can choose the bank they want to back up their money. Although the previous ones did not require being registered with the bank, this one offers a little more freedom to the user. BIM has the support of around 25 banking entities.

For the record, still just enough have an ID and that your Smartphone is compatible with the application in question. The functions that this app offers you are the following:

  • To send the money, you can place the phone number of the user in question and select the amounts.
  • With BIM you can recharge operators and pay for internet, telephone, television and other services such as Movistar, DirecTV, Claro. Paying for electricity and water services is also possible.