¿Adobe Flash finalmente a muerto?

Is Adobe Flash finally dead?

FLASH is finally dead... Well, the name anyway.

Adobe Flash Professional next year will be called Animate CC, and it will focus on creating HTML5 content.

Adobe's Flash platform will not die. Although Steve Jobs in 2010 criticized Flash technology through "Flash Thought" and explained why it was not available within his Apple technologies.

Adobe is now acknowledging the drop in flash. On Monday, November 30, the platform that was known as Adobe Flash Professional CC will now be Adobe Animate CC. What does that mean? Adobe announces the change in a statement, explaining that it's part of an ongoing commitment to "evolve and support multiple standards," specifically HTML5, Canvas, WebGL.

"Today, open standards like HTML5 have matured and provide many of the capabilities that Flash ushered in," Adobe said on its blog. "Our customers have clearly communicated that they would like our creative apps to evolve to support multiple standards and we are committed to doing that."

Additional data:

  • The release will be in 2016 and despite losing the "Flash" in its name, the application will continue to be compatible with Flash (SWF) and AIR formats.
  • Adobe plans to release an HTML5 video player for desktop browsers to coincide with its support for HTML5 on mobile devices.