Microsoft anuncia oficialmente “Proyecto Spartan”, el nuevo navegador web para Windows 10

Microsoft officially announces “Project Spartan”, the new web browser for Windows 10

Several recent reports have mentioned that Microsoft was willing to leave Internet Explorer behind and introduce a new browser to the world, with the name spartans. Microsoft has officially announced that "Spartan Project" will be the new web browsing experience for Windows 10.
The new browser will feature an entirely new rendering engine, but beyond that Microsoft wanted to focus on three new features, some of which we learned about earlier this year.

Chief among these new features is new ink support that allows users to annotate web pages and sync all those notes to OneDrive and share them with collaborators – a service that makes a lot of sense given Microsoft's focus on the pencil with its surface line. Microsoft demonstrated this feature heavily in their demo. Beyond pen-style note-taking features, you can also click anywhere on a page and add comments and annotations, just like in Office documents.

All in all, Project Spartan seems like a nice step forward for the web browsing experience, although it's not yet known if the browser will support extensions. It's also unclear if Project Spartan just renamed its browser Internet Explorer or if it will become Microsoft's second browser – we'll have to wait until we get closer to the release of Windows 10 to know for sure.

Finally, Cortana will also be present in this web browser quite actively. The assistant will automatically put information, in addition to completing the terms in the address bar, when you type words like "weather", "restaurants", etc. In addition, a complementary information function is also included to the pages you visit, such as service data (a restaurant was shown in this conference), location on maps, contact, among several others.