¿Cómo crear cuentas de correo electrónico mediante cPanel?

How to create email accounts using cPanel?

To create an email account "corporate mail" (user@your-domain.com) from your cPanel administration follow these steps:

  1. Login to your cPanel control panel: your-domain.com/cpanel
  2. In the EMAIL section, click Email Accounts.
  3. In the first section «add email account» Enter the information to create your Email account:
  • Email: user must enter
  • Domain: Your domain name
  • Password: minimum 8 characters between uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.
  • repeat your password
  • Mailbox Quota (optional): This is the maximum amount this account can store
  • Press CREATE

How to Login to read/Send E-mail messages through Webmail?  

In your browser type the following URL address: http://your-domain.com/webmail

Enter your full email and password:
Your password

Click on the OK button –> Choose one of the applications to read your email: Horde, SquirrelMail or RoundCube, then you can configure the default application that best suits your needs.